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Dr. Miguel Roque, DMD

Dr. Miguel A. Roque earned a DMD, an MMSc and a certificate in Endodontics from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM). His career began with a passion for basic science research and developed into an intense focus on clinical care. He has been working in the Boston Metro Area for several years and has established a reputation for exceptional quality and a conservative approach to dental treatment.

In addition to clinical care, Dr. Roque stays active in organized dentistry through various boards and sits on the Admissions Committee at HSDM.

Outside of the office, Dr. Roque enjoys spending time with his wife Christine, their son Cameron (1) and their two cockapoos Oliver and Charlie.


  • Harvard Dental Alumni Association (President)

  • Harvard University Alumni Association (Graduate School Director)
  • Harvard Odontological Society (Exec. Board Member)
  • Massachusetts Association of Endodontist (Secretary)
  • Metropolitan District Dental Society (Membership Chair)


  • American Association of Endodontics

  • Massachusetts Association of Endodontists

  • Harvard Odontological Society

  • Massachusetts Dental Society

  • Metropolitan District Dental Society

  • American Dental Association

  • Board Eligible Candidate of the American Board of Endodontics

“A wonderful experience which is a remarkable thing to say about two root canals! I highly recommend Dr. Roque!”

Linda O.

“Dr. Rogue is kind and knowledgeable. The root canal was a painless procedure(!) which wasn’t what I was expecting!! Highly recommend Dr. Roque at Centre Endodontics.”

Mary T.

“Dr. Roque is a gift to his profession. I would recommend him to anyone for a root canal. My entire experience was as stress free as dental work can be and any fears I had diminished once I was in the office as I knew I was in kind and capable hands. He and his assistant are an excellent team with incredible “bedside” manner.”

Emily L.

“Excellent experience! I had 3 root canals done at Centre Endodontics and Dr. Miguel Roque is a true expert. Very patient, very thorough and he took a lot of time to explain to me how things work. I greatly appreciate the experience and highly recommend to all looking for standard, specialized and complex endodontic treatments.”

Min S.

“It is not everyday that one looks forward to having a root canal…..but the positive experience that I had with Dr. Miguel Roque on the morning of Christmas Eve (December 24) is one for which I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Roque and this office team. He saved my Christmas and Hanukkah with his flexibility, thoughtfulness and great care.”

Maria C.

“I had an amazing experience with Dr Roque and his assistant. I have previously had pretty traumatic experiences with other dentists and it’s so nice to find a dentist you can trust and makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend!”

Gabby M.
Best of Boston 2022



A root canal is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold

  • Severe pain in gums or teeth

  • Bump on the gums

  • Swollen gums

  • Chipped or cracked tooth

  • Darkening of the tooth

  • Tender gums

  • An abscess, usually caused by a bacterial infection


What is a root canal?2022-06-15T10:09:22-04:00

A root canal is a dental procedure performed by an Endodontist that can save or repair your natural teeth that have been damaged by infection or decay.

Why do I need a root canal?2022-08-24T08:08:41-04:00

You may need root canal therapy if you are experiencing pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to touch and chewing, discoloration, swelling, or tenderness in your lymph nodes. You also may notice a pimple-like presence on your gum. Even if you do not experience any of these symptoms, you may still need root canal therapy to prevent further damage and to save your tooth.

Do root canals hurt?2022-06-15T10:10:20-04:00

It is normal to experience some mild soreness or discomfort following an endodontic procedure. If these symptoms occur, they usually resolve in a day or two and can typically be managed with a combination of Advil and Tylenol (should your health history permit).

What is pain like after the procedure?2022-06-15T10:10:50-04:00

Root canals have a bad rap! Thanks to the latest technologies and anesthetics, root canals are typically about as uncomfortable as having a cavity filled.

What is recovery from a root canal like?2022-08-24T08:10:35-04:00

Following a root canal, most people return to their normal daily routine. It is common to experience mild post-operative symptoms, including numbness around the tooth for 1-2 hours following endodontic treatment. You should call your dentist or endodontist if you have severe pain or pressure that lasts more than a couple of days.

Is a root canal covered by insurance?2022-06-15T10:11:39-04:00

Many dental insurances provide coverage for root canals. Some providers offer dental savings plans that you can purchase immediately prior to your procedure. All dental coverage policies are different. You should contact your insurance provider to determine whether and how much is covered before your schedule a root canal.

What is an Endodontist and why do I need to see one?2022-08-24T08:11:32-04:00

Endodontists are special kind of dentists with at least two or three additional years of advanced specialty education in diagnosis and root canal treatment. Endodontists perform root canals every day and specialize in complicated cases such as teeth with narrow or blocked canals. In addition, Endodontists often use advanced technology, such as surgical operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital imaging.


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We believe that all of our patients at Centre Endodontics deserve exceptional dental care and our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits whenever possible. Although we are an “out of network” provider, most plans typically offer coverage at a similar percentage (80%) up to your plans maximum benefit. Payment is due at the time of treatment. Following your visit, we will submit a claim to your insurance carrier on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum benefit available to you.

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